In the coming days, I will download some information about Avicenna medicine, as mentioned in the book of The Canon of Medicine, and its explanations for those interested in this science.
Why do I see it important? because we are sick; we are as a sick society. there is hardly a house without someone suffering from a chronic disease, whether it is diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis, blood pressure, sterility, various types of immune system diseases or liver, kidney, or other diseases.
And since the word ‘chronic’ and the phrase ‘incurable’ found their way into many diseases, it seems that the general understanding is that most people will get sick and will continue to live with the disease because this is their destiny!!
However, what about the people who believe in ‘Pursue O my servant, and I seek with you’ and those who believe that ‘Every disease has a cure’ and refuse to give up on God’s mercy. What about those who believe in the accumulation of human knowledge over the centuries and the broad range of medicine in all its branches?
Avicenna medicine does not contradict modern medicine. In fact, he is the founder of modern medicine, and his books were studied in European universities for hundreds of years. And as I mentioned in the previous post, it is possible to understand the body style and follow appropriate diets as mentioned in the books, in addition to, taking pharmaceutical drugs and following up with doctors, and this is what the majority prefer. The idea is that we can benefit from everything that is in medicine to be cured.
As a personal choice; I followed the Avicenna regimen exclusively for curing multiple sclerosis, and remained without drugs for nearly six and a half years of my illness, out of ten years, by relying on diets. Meanwhile, my body was a good companion. When I decided to go to Nepal and climb the Himalayas, it did not stop me, and when I took my backpack to Tibet, it did not stop me. it was an example of good companionship.
Our bodies are subjected to us, and not created to be hostile to us. If we are good to them, then we are well.