I knew that there are many cases of chronic diseases, such as “Multiple Sclerosis” being cured, by regularity on diets based on Avicenna’s medicine. I have heard about this scientist in history books and hospital names. However, I did not know that this medicine is still in practice. . His book, the Canon of Medicine (attached in the blog), which established modern medicine rules, is written in simple Arabic to address all mentalities. The most prominent features of this branch of science are the holistic view of the body, the concern for the way of life, the emphasis on the importance of spirituality and the relationship with God Almighty, focusing on the origin of diseases rather than the symptoms, understanding the different types of bodies and treating each body according to its character. Finally, concentrate on Medication with food, go up to simple medicines, and then combine herbal medication as a last resort. (it seems that I followed the steps in reverse, starting with needles and ending with diet and herbs ).
Understanding the basics of this science is useful in preserving health and retrieving what has been lost. I will share with you some holistic points in health in general and Multiple Sclerosis, as stated in the book and my personal application of it.
What is the best advice you could give to someone with a chronic disease?