Fatigue and extreme tiredness are some of the features of MS,
but now it extends to the category of chronic diseases and other people who don’t have a selected diagnosis, and thus think that they’re healthy. If you suffer from severe fatigue, you ought to reconsider your diet and lifestyle,
but until you are doing so, the following may be a quick, simple, and delicious solution:
Wheatgrass composition (take 3 – 5 tablespoons daily, over the day). Ingredients: ripe dates, sesame tahini, almond powder, cashew powder, coconut powder, sesame, pistachio powder, crushed green cardamom, cinnamon, a small amount of saffron, one teaspoon of vanilla, wheatgrass, honey, or date molasses, or grape molasses. A mixture of the above ingredients can be made according to taste or vision.
You can take the above mixture as a substitute for breakfast, or as a dessert after meals and with tea. The increase and decrease of the ingredients determine the sweetness of the taste. I add a lot of tahini and cardamom to break the sugary taste. The second option is the composition of the Ginseng Herb (taken in the number of 3 tablespoons every day in the morning, noon, and evening),
and it consists of 50 grams of ginseng, saffron, crushed green cardamom, honey as desired and can be replaced with high-quality Ginseng tablets (I prefer tablets and it’s taken as recommended in the instructions). The third option is almond milk sweetened with honey, which is very important for patients with MS because almonds are essential for healing, and it is preferable to take it twice a day or once a day, by mixing the ingredients. It consists of 15 almonds, to be boiled in water for 5 minutes to facilitate removal of the peel, once the peel is removed, mix the almonds in a blender with the addition of a medium-sized cup of water, and flavored with rose water and saffron.
The ingredients for the recipes are based on the Ibn Sina classification of foods which you can find in his book The Canon of Medicine (you can download it from the above blog).
These methods are especially recommended for patients with MS, but they are effective for all cases of fatigue due to the energy stored in food items.