In the middle of last year, I experienced severe pain on the lower chest’s right side. The pain was so bad that I went to the emergency department. After blood tests, an electrocardiogram, and many tests; the doctor did not conclude anything and told me, “There is nothing … it can be bruised”. Because of my complete ignorance of what is inside my body; I did not make any assumptions, I just went home and put up with the pain till it faded little by little.

After a year, the pain returned worse, the emergency department again, tests and an electrocardiogram in addition to x-rays and Ultra Sound showed a gallstone. After I became aware of the gallstone and because I am still in pain; I went to see other doctors, they were divided between two opinions. The first opinion stated that gallstones cause the pain and the only solution is to have the gallbladder removed. And the second opinion was that this pain is caused by muscle and I should take pain killers (!!). Since I want to keep all my organs as much as possible, and I did not think that the pain brought me to the emergency department could be treated with a panadol pill, I had no choice but to find a treatment by myself. I found a “how to clean the liver and gallbladder” book (can be downloaded from the blog Above) which seemed reasonable and most importantly suggested cleaning the liver and gallbladder using natural ingredients such as apple juice (lots of apple juice), Epsom salt, olive oil, lemon and orange. I got rid of hundreds of stones (the upper part of the picture shows some of the stones that I got rid of) and I hope to get rid of more of them in the next cleaning, as it is necessary to do the cleaning in a chain. The book affirms that taking care of the liver is an essential step in controlling chronic diseases.

I think nothing is 100% risk-free, but this option is less extreme than a gallbladder resection or pain killers.