One of my convictions that I built after seeing Ibn Sina’s medicine is that health and disease have causes (as mentioned in the previous post), and it is possible for the human body to attack itself by itself “without a specific cause or any external influences.” God created us in the best form. So, we have to look for the cause and then stop exposing ourselves to it.

A chronically ill person who is not aware of the simplest matters that affect health (such as food, sleep, constipation, and the like … there is nothing simpler than that 🙊), is like someone who takes matches and burns his hand and then goes to the hospital to treat it, and then returns to do the same again and again and again over the years, then he goes to the hospital to treat his hand and engages in many conversations about the best bandages and creams and the pain he feels and the anxiety he experiences because of his burned hand, without realizing that if he stopped Exposing his hand to the burning matches; Then the matter will simply be over, and he will only have to deal with the damage that has been done.

Well, let’s go back to the beautiful blog or journal in the picture, it helps me to know the reason for the attacks I was exposed to and the symptoms that I have at one time or another. Did I accidentally burn my hand with matches?

This is possible by writing down, everything I eat (honestly … every bite 😅), wakeful sleep hours, constipation, anxiety and stress levels, exercise and movement, symptoms of the disease, and anything else that I feel is relevant, and most importantly, stick to a clear lifestyle and far from random, then analyzing all the data continually; to know the effect of various factors on the disease symptoms and the body in general.

Why is a regular lifestyle important? First, because if I do not maintain my diet, sleep/wake schedule, movement, etc. I’m going to get sick, not cure. Second, it would be almost impossible to create relationships between the data I have recorded and the symptoms I feel.


The beautiful blog helped me discover the ’cause’ of my right eye blindness, and it helped me figure out why I feel tingling in my left fingers and slight electricity in my spine (I discovered that I had done a lot of wrong things without knowing 😭). I found this out after analyzing the data and linking it to my body condition. Now, I know what I should avoid as a patient with multiple sclerosis, and I will keep you informed with this knowledge until I am completely cured, God willing. I’ve just remembered one of my sclerosis patients’ advice on blogging:


You need to have the dots so you can connect them. Keeping a log means you are keeping your dots for when you need to look back, connect the dots and make conclusions


How do you expect your experience to be if you keep a blog?