I am not a doctor,

I am not a nutrition specialist,

but I have had “Multiple sclerosis” for almost ten years.

I do not recommend taking or leaving medicines or changing any lifestyle; I just share my humble information for benefit.

Seven years ago without the need for medicines. I managed the disease based on the overall change of food and lifestyle.

I believe that Every disease has a medicine, so I reject the idea of total dependence on pharmaceutical drugs that do not cure but slow down deterioration. Furthermore, I seek complete and final healing.

Modern medicine carries a part of knowledge and is not confined to it, since human knowledge accumulation includes many others.

The term chronic disease does not describe what is inside my body; instead, points to the working science gaps.

That man was created in the best formation, and my body cannot act chaotic, and randomly, it is a divine miracle.

“Multiple Sclerosis” is one of the most beautiful God’s blessings to me, as it calls for reconciliation and reform.

The basic principle in reform is to improve food and relationships and live in harmony with the land, innate and nature.

The illness carries a message. So, when we receive it and act accordingly, there will be no need for it to remain.

“Multiple sclerosis” must be cured, and not defeated.

There is an urgent need to return to the original medicine, Ibn Sina and Al-Razi medicine, when everything was not strange, unknown, unpredictable, or incurable.

Despite my academic tendencies, which placed me in the most prestigious universities; Science is not restricted to educational institutions but is in the minds of thinkers, books and researches, and it is within reach of those who seek.

I believe that disease is neither my nor anyone’s destiny. I share my personal experience of managing disease with a combination of the two “Multiple Sclerosis” diets Today, I live the life that I have chosen for myself without any perceptible trace of the disease. The road is not easy, but, thanks to God and his kindness, it is beautiful.

The first symptoms of the disease appeared in 2009 in the form of an electric bout. I felt it when I was beding over to tie my shoelaces. At that time, I did not take it seriously, and I simply decided to raise my feet rather than bend my neck and tie my shoelaces. I completely forgot the issue until I got hit by the worst attack in my medical history in 2011, a feeling like a burning ball moving in the right leg, dizziness and imbalance, pain when the water touches my body, paresthesia in the whole foot, fatigue (the full package!). The MRI confirmed that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and the worst days of my life started with Rebif.

The doctor prescribed me Rebif injections (which I never found pleasant), three times a week, and I have been on the medication for about four years. The side effects were worse than the worst attack I was exposed to, muscle pain, an excessive cold feeling pushing me to sleep without air conditioner in the hot Gulf summer, and then I woke up with a sweat. All the shades of blue, green and purple on my body to remind me where the injections were, and after all this, I was exposed to attack while I’m on medication!! Now I feel sorry for what I exposed myself to, and to my liver and kidneys, which were trying to purify the body of these substances.And after all of that, I injected myself repeatedly two days later! It seems that I took about 600 injections. Unfortunately, all this was not even in the way of treatment. (As stated on the medicine box).

I stopped the medication in mid-2015 in preparation for the birth of my daughter, and I had been on the “Terry Walls” diet in a semi-earnest manner since 2014, at that time it seemed to me that stopping milk, bread and sugar was impossible (I know now that it is possible) and Organic meat wasn’t available. I was gradually improving my diet until I reached a certain level of the disease, then, I was subjected to many attacks that I was (ignoring) because, at that time, I did not know that I should take a Cortisone dose to stop the attacks. Again a fierce attack after stopping breastfeeding as expected, and I started to wonder if I needed to take other steps to control the disease, but I wasn’t aware of all the options available; so I stayed on a diet.

We know that we have Multiple Sclerosis until we encounter the first disability, so we understand that we have Multiple Sclerosis. For me, it was the beginning of the disability in my right eye, for days I felt something strange as if it was a speck of dust that did not want to come out until the situation worsened. I began to feel pain when moving the eye and the vision became blurred as if I was looking at the world through dusty lenses, and then I started seeing white dots in the picture in front of me, as if it was a puzzle game, missing some parts. Once again, it did not occur to me that it was an attack. As my doctor had previously told me that the resonance bodes well, and the white points in the brain are not a cause for concern, but instead he explained that if he had not seen the points on the marrow; this wouldn’t be called Multiple Sclerosis by looking only at brain MRI. But it was a fierce attack, and after days, I completely lost sight in the right eye (don’t worry, I’m fine now). This was a turning point for me. At that moment I got up and grabbed the reins and started looking for a cure, my goal was clear: I must be cured, Multiple Sclerosis is not my destiny, modern medicine says openly that it can provide support, but it has no power in healing, it’s okay, so; we’ll have to keep looking. The accumulations of human knowledge are vast, and there must be a cure, and those who seek; God seeks with them. Later I grabbed the calendar and knew what I had done to be attacked, even it was too late.