Some of the frequently used tips are: Eliminate annoying people from your life!

It’s advice I understand (it sounds tempting) but at the same time I’m wary of it. Why?

The one on his head is feeling it 😉 This is a summary of the following long talk 👇

Often what bothers you and what annoys you (you have an emotional reaction) reflects something inside you, An idea you carry about yourself and at the same time you resist it, Or an underlying desire that you didn’t deal with in a healthy way or… It’s mostly about you, So avoiding these will not solve the issue 🤷‍♀️

You only reduce the number of mirrors in which you see your own reflection, But it is better to look closely to see

What do you dislike to deal with? Or what is the misconception that you carry to stop clinging to it?

I used to work with someone who gets provoked a lot than anyone who asks him a clarifying question and responds to it in a defensive manner. Rather, a bit aggressive, and over the years, I became aware of aspects of his personality. He does not act conscientiously and honestly and does not see that he deserves his position, and he sees any question directed to him as reprimanding or investigation. Why?

In fact, he was torturing himself. his conscience blames him, His soul sends messages to him through passing situations, People have nothing to do with this.

I’d see him and think “You can’t negotiate how you see yourself with others, they don’t matter, Arrest them for the sake of God, my brother.

a lot of people like that, Don’t deal with its challenges and pain and then dump it on others as it fits 🤦 ♀️

This friend of ours saw himself as a victim. The other accuses him of reprimanding him and justifies that by “his looks were such and such”, “the tone of his voice was such and such” and “I know his intention was such and such.”

He sees himself as falling short, and therefore he interprets every question, look, or indication that it is his fault or blame

And he enters into people’s intentions and mistrust and creates a problem just so that he does not face himself… If our friend goes to live in the Antarctic, he will show him a road and understand from him that he is the subject of his blame 🐧 until he reaches a point of agreement inside him and lives according to his principles and reviews what he holds of beliefs towards himself

This topic is large and complex and is not limited to the angle we referred to, and we will often discuss parts of it in other articles

A little exercise… please do it now… What provokes you so much in the other? Who and what bothers you and why? The most important thing is why. Then look inside yourself, How things relate to each other.

it will take some time, You have to be skilled in reflection and have the magnanimity of facing yourself (we will write an article for it 💪) and if you conclude that there is nothing bothering you in the other, it is really a reflection of what is inside you, you often did not look deep enough 😉 Take your time 🌷