Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

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1- By registering on this website and by continuing to brows it; you are giving your implied consent to be bound by all the terms and conditions stated hereunder. You also agree to comply with any applicable local laws as well as all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions; you are prohibited from browsing, using, or access this website.
2- All the materials present on this website are provided for educational purposes only and are protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws.
3- Based on the previous clause (clause 2), any practical application of the materials present on this website or communicated during personal or public sessions provided through this website should be done under your personal responsibility. You are advised to consult with a doctor or with a certified nutritionist or other appropriate agents regarding your personal and health condition prior to any application. Alaa Tareq For Training and Development, CR# 118530 and any supporting team members will not bear any responsibility for the correct or in-correct application of the material present on this website, or any material discussed, and this is inclusive of all services.
4- Alaa Tareq For Training and Development, CR# 118530 disclaims any responsibility for the content published on this website, whether information is missing, lacks accuracy, or is of temporary validity.

Privacy policy:

5- The privacy of the personal information that you have provided on this website is respected and preserved by us. It is maintained and used for the sole purpose of enabling you to obtain the materials that you have purchased, or requested, and no third party – authorized by us – will have access to it, or to use it except to the extent necessary to perform the services it provides to us, and was authorized on the basis of it.
6- External service providers such as: payment gateways and the like have their own independent privacy policies. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to their privacy policies, and read them to be informed about their terms of use and privacy.
7- You agree that the email address through which you registered with us; is the means of communication with you. You have the right to remove it from our mailing list whenever you wish.
8- Your registration and use of this website means the following:
A- Your implicit acknowledgment that you are of the legal age in your country or place of residence, and it holds you fully responsible for any activity that takes place with the use of your username. You are also responsible for safe keeping your password.
B- Your consent to provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account information for all your purchases made through this website, and for the immediate submission of any account information updates, or credit cards and their expiration dates, or other related information; so that we can complete your transactions, and contact you as needed.
C- We reserve the right to refuse to provide service to anyone, or deregister a person for whatever reason we see fit at any time.
D- By purchasing any services from this website, you agree to respect the laws of intellectual property and copyright laws. You agree that you are not entitled to save, or share any content from this website without our explicit written permission.
E- Your tacit agreement that we have the right to modify, copy, publish, distribute, translate, or use any comments received by us. We are also not obligated to keep these comments confidential or obliged to respond to them, or make any payments in exchange for using them.
9- We work hard without obligation to monitor, modify and remove any content that we deem in our sole discretion: illegal, offensive, defamatory, or is in violation of the intellectual property rights of any party, or for these terms and conditions.
10- You implicitly agree that there may be information that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or any omissions related to: products, availability, prices, offers, shipping charges, transit times, and the like.
11- We reserve the right to correct any of the errors mentioned in the previous clauses (clauses 9 and10), and the right to update any information, or cancel the requests in the event that the information entered was wrong, at any time without prior notice.
12- We do not guarantee that our services will be safe or error-free or that it will not be of limited validity despite every effort being made to that end.


13- When you purchase course on this website, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
A – The course will be available only to you and permission to access it at any time is granted for the specified validity period from the date of purchase. You are not allowed to share your used name and password with anybody>
B – You will be permitted to attend one copy of the course which is intended for non-commercial use and is to be displayed by yourself only.
C- This purchase gives you permission to view and learn from the website material that you have purchased, without authorizing you to modify, copy, record, take pictures of or share all or part of the materials available on the website in any form or publish them on social media or other channels.
14- The copyright of our products and courses is completely and exclusively reserved for Alaa Tareq For Training and Development, CR# 118530, and any breach of it exposes you to legal prosecution.
15- Prices of our products and courses are subject to change without prior notice. We also reserve the right to amend, discontinue any content in whole or in part at any time, and without prior notice.
16- Based on the previous clause (clause 15); we are not responsible towards you, or towards any third party in regards to any change made in prices, or to the modification, or discontinuation of any content in any way.

Refund Policy:

17- By completing the purchasing process through this website; you agree to the following:
A- That you are not entitled to request a refund of all, or part of the amount paid.
B- You are not entitled to request a repeat of the course once the validity period expires.
C- That not viewing the course within the predefined validity period does not give you the right to claim a refund of the amount paid.
D- Knowing the content of the course in advance does not give you the right to claim a refund of the amount paid.
E- Your lack of correct understanding of the course details as mentioned in any advertising content does not give you the right to claim a refund. You may ask management for clarification prior to making a purchase decision.
18- Any breach or violation to these terms and conditions will lead to the termination of your services and may have legal consequences.