The Basics of Eating

1. Avoid changing the diet suddenly, as it causes a lot of confusion in the body’s systems.

2. It is preferable to eat all the foods that need to be eaten in the diet in 3 or 4 batches, and avoid eating foods at different times throughout the day.

For example, patients with multiple sclerosis eat a mixture of molasses, tahini, a mixture of honey and black seed, and several other food varieties. Some of these items can be divided into breakfast, some at dinner, and others in the afternoon, instead of eating an item every hour or two.

3. It is preferable to skip lunch or eat something light at noontime. Breakfast is large and sufficient, and dinner is immediately after sunset.

Some foreign countries adopt this system on a daily basis. It is worth noting that eating a heavy lunch stimulates the generation of cold mixtures (black bile and phlegm), which are the originators of most diseases.

4. Avoid eating several types of meat in one meal,

for example, lamb and chicken, for dinner. It is also preferable to eat one cooked item for the meal, for example, avoid Kabsa with meat and Harees for dinner.

5. Avoid eating during anger and avoid the hurtful and sad talk while gathering at the dining table.

6. Decorating the dining table and serving food distinctively and beautifully, without excessiveness.

7. It is preferable to cook food slowly and over low heat.

8. Avoid using a microwave and cooking food over high heat quickly, and it is preferable to avoid using an electric kettle.

9. Avoid freezing food for a long time as this stimulates the secretion of black bile, and avoid frying the food with common vegetable oils, and replace it with sesame oil or animal ghee. It is safe to use sesame oil more than once.

10. Eat nutritionally enhanced foods that neutralize food properties in terms of coldness and heat, humidity and dehydration, its effect on blood, constipation, sleep, and wakefulness, etc.

11. Avoid overeating and avoid extreme hunger.

12. Avoid drinking water excessively, as it increases body moisture and susceptibility to disease.

13. Avoid dried meat.

14. Avoid consuming beef.

Avicenna states that the effect of beef is similar to pork, as after consumption it (beef); the body generates thick and septic blood immediately (septicemia).

15. Avoid eating meat more than once on the same day.

16. Chickens traded in the market are injected with many hormones and antibiotics. Of course, this has a negative effect on the sick and healthy. This can be replaced by house chickens.

17. Eat with the right hand, making sure to put a small amount of food into the spoon for each bite.

18. Eat slowly.

19. Avoid sleeping directly after eating, but lying on the back is possible, and it is preferable to place the right leg on the left.

20. Avoid eating after satiety.

21. Avoid eating very cold or very hot food and avoid blowing on food.

22. Avoid drinking water all at once, rather it should be drunk slowly (in 3 batches).

23. Avoid drinking liquids from the broken part of the cup or near the handle.

24. Curing must be with food first, then with single drugs, and finally with combined drugs.

25. Addiction to any type of food is wrong and dangerous to health, and this may include cheeses, white bread, tea, coffee, and others.

26. If there are different dishes at the same meal, start eating the easier to digest food.

27. Don’t eat till full satiety. As satiety affects the efficiency of the digestive system and is one of the main causes of diseases.

28. Avoid canned foods, with a long expiry date, and chemical additives and preservatives.

It is very important to differentiate between products and food.

29. When eating, several factors must be taken into consideration such as the compatibility of the food with the nature, temperament and age of the individual, health status (ex. is there constipation or not), and also the season of the year.

30. Correct and careful chewing of food (important), and avoid eating old food (that has been used a lot).

31. Drink a beverage of water, honey, and lemon daily if possible.

32. Eat a very small amount of high-quality salt before and after meals.

33. When you are thirsty, you should drink liquids half an hour before eating, or an hour and a half after eating, and make sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

34. Eat 21 dried red grapes in the morning on an empty stomach for a month.

35. Eat laxative seeds in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bed to avoid constipation.

36. Avoid fish for people with multiple sclerosis or any cold body disease, and regarding others, they must eat seasoned fish (with spices), fragrant leafy vegetables, and the last thing they must eat after fish some dates.

This is very important because the fish is a very cold food.