Autism from the perspective of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Medicine

The following extracts from ancient medicine have been mentioned as a treatment for mild cases of autism, especially in children, and are also mentioned in improving advanced cases of autism for all ages. The aforementioned protocols do not replace any type of treatment, but can support it.

The first protocol:

Eating sweet grapes 3 times a day, in the morning, noon and evening is what is most recommended for cases of autism. The amount of grape consumption is according to age, for example for adults 3 bunches of grapes morning, noon and evening (one in each period), and for the teenagers half a bunch of grapes at the times mentioned. As for children, 3 grapes, and this is adjusted according to age, to a tablespoon or a tea spoon, at each of the times mentioned. If autism is advanced, it is recommended to drink 3 cups of grape juice at each of the times mentioned. Grape consumption is essential for dealing with autism and is useful in regulating ammonia levels in the blood.

Fagonia Indica herb consumption: It is commonly known as Dhamasa, Dhamana, Sachi booti and Shokaa. It is  a herbal medicine circulating in the Gulf region, and  is considered one of the original recommendations for dealing with autism, and it is also useful in regulating ammonia levels in the blood.

Drink a glass of thyme honey dissolved in water in the morning

Drink a cup of turnip water mixed with honey  thyme in the afternoon.

Eat a yellow carrot in the afternoon. In case it is not available, replace it with a regular carrot.

Drink a glass of natural apple juice and thyme honey.

To elevate stuttering which is a speaking disorder: Sweet pomegranate, sweet pomegranate juice, or sweet pomegranate molasses must be eaten frequently.

To elevate the problem of bladder control: One tea cup of boiled walnut shell (meaning here the dry brown shell that surrounds the nut) must be consumed once a day. In the case of severe stuttering, the patient must drink 3 cups per day, 8 hours apart.

Place a small part of the galangal herb under the tongue (the size of half a lentil) for children and the size of a whole lentil for adults on a daily basis.

Eat grated ginger with honey.

Eat the following for 7 to 14 days:  An equal mixture of Sana Makki herb, Indian Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus), saffron, White pepper and Frankincense in equal proportions, and mix in thyme honey. A teaspoon of this mixture is eaten daily in the morning.

Note: If thyme honey is not available, it can be replaced with mint honey. Marjoram, pine nuts, Clover flower or black seed, and it is better to avoid Sidr honey, as it is considered to have a cold temperament.

The Second Protocol:

Do the following for 120 days:

Eat 14 almonds, one after the other; chew it carefully and well to mix with saliva.  If it is difficult to do, it can be drunk as almonds milk by placing 14 almonds in a blender with  water or a third of a cup of Musk Willow water, a third of a cup of rose water and a third of a cup of blossom water. Mix well and drink in the afternoon.

Eat sweet grapes throughout the day.

Apply black seed oil in the evening on top of the head

Eat a decoction of lavender which is sweetened with honey.

Smelling perfumes with a hot temperament at night, such as rose water and narcissus flower; you can place paper tissues moistened with rose water in a small plate close to the person’s sleeping place.


Note : The above topic aims to share information with those interested as stated in the book and does not provide any medical recommendations by the blog in the field of autism or dealing with it


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