Foods and Behaviors Prohibited for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1

The following foodstuffs are prohibited for a patient with multiple sclerosis

Tea, coffee, and Nescafe. All kinds of fried foods, sauces, tomato paste (used in cooking), pomegranate molasses, Added sugar in some types of foods (including sweets and baked goods; care must be taken while reading the information on packaged foods and note all types of sugar, even those listed under other names), vinegar, tomato, eggplant, sour food, very salty foods, All dairy products, especially milk and yoghurt. chicken and factory eggs, black lentils, potatoes, Indian and Pakistani white rice (can be substituted with bulgur or brown bread), walnuts,   very cold water, beef and veal, fish,  Soft drinks, fatty foods, frozen foods, foods that are cooked at high speed, such as in a pressure cooker, Ice Cream, stale foods (avoid food prepared the day before), eating sour and unripe fruits, salted or roasted nuts (only raw nuts are allowed), canned foods. Abstain from eating cold natured food (the list is explained).

The following behaviors are prohibited for a patient with Multiple Sclerosis:

Being hungery for long hours (Fasting for long hours), eating while being full, staying up late, exposure to loud noises, being in very crowded places, Chewing food badly (food must be chewed until it turns into a dough free of bumps. The body needs approximately fifty times of chewing for meat and chicken), irregular meal timings, all kinds of smoking habits like the cigarettes, eating more than one type of food at one meal (for example, rice with shrimp and meat broth),   avoid stress and hot temper, avoid constipation (it is very important, as you must defecate at least twice a day), and drinking liquids while eating.

مقالات ذات صلة

أنا الآن في هجمة خاصه بالتصلب المتعدد لماذا لا أشعر بالقلق؟

بالمقاييس المتداولة فإن استمرار أعراض معينة لأكثر من ٢٤ ساعة يعتبر هجمة للتصلب المتعدد وأنا عندي أعراض منذ يوم الثلاثاء لأني رغم أني أعرف أن الأرز الأبيض والعدس لا يناسبونني إلا أنني كلية بضع ملاعق وكما المرة الماضية صار عندي اعراض في المثانة 💁‍♀️.وبخت نفسي قليلاً…

خلط السودا أنواعه وما يترتب على ارتفاعه

نتعمق اليوم في خَلْط السودا بناء على طلبكم وذلك لأن الأغلب يجده في منتصف المشاكل الجسدية والنفسية التي يعاني منها وهناك الكثير لنتحدث عنه فيما يخص هذا اَلْخَلْط. للأحبة الذين يحتاجون لخلفية عن العناصر والأمزجة والأخلاط بشكل عام، أرجو البدء بسلسلة أساسيات…


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