Generalities of Avicenna Medicine

  1. Avicenna’s medicine is concerned with the different body patterns in addition to the different food patterns and herbal medicines and how they interact with each other in addition to the effect of age, seasons and other factors on the treatment process.
  2. This science depends on raising the origin of the disease, not the symptoms of the disease. The diagnosis is made by studying the pulse, Fluids and payments that the body gets rid of, as well as the symptoms described by the patient.
    3. Ibn Sina medicine looks at the human being as a whole (one system) and is not divided according to organs or devices, and treatment is mostly a treatment for the sick body and not for the organ for the patient.
    4. Ibn Sina medicine basically means to avoid disease by knowing the body type and adopting a lifestyle that is compatible with it as a priority and then treating the disease if it occurs. Treatment may be slow due to the use of foods and herbs, but it is safe. More sustainable and addresses the root of the problem.
  3. This medicine avoids causing side effects. Medical errors or other symptoms resulting from the consumption of chemical drugs, through food treatment first, then the single drugs, then the compound drugs, which are of course herbal.
    6. This type of medicine is divided into specialized medicine in which those who have a desire to expand on medicine are involved, and the last year of the general public’s duty is to learn it in order to protect themselves from diseases and treat simple matters.
    7. Ibn Sina’s medicine treats chronic diseases (as stated in the explanation of the book) that are usually only dealt with by prescribing life-long medicines.
    8. Ibn Sina’s medicine is accessible to the public, as changing the way of life and the medicines included in this system are not the preserve of the financially able.
    9. This medicine takes the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the patient into consideration and includes them in the treatment system.
    10. Sina medicine emphasizes the importance of purifying the body from toxins using foods, herbal medicines, or manual therapy, such as cupping, whether dry or wet. There is also an emphasis on avoiding the accumulation of toxins in the body by changing the lifestyle that is concerned with food, constipation, and others.
    11. Emphasis on the principles and etiquette of eating, For example, how to chew food, time to drink water, and other assets.
    12. Avicenna’s medicine is based on a purely ethical basis without the interference of trade in medicine. The treatment is mainly by changing the lifestyle and foods, in addition to the herbal materials that are reasonably priced, as they are not treated in factories, but rather are consumed in the closest form to their nature.
    Copied from the explanation of the law book in medicine.

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